Roger Weitkamp
(DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc., General Counsel)

“I was introduced to CURE by my friend and colleague, Kristin Connor, when her son Brandon was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. As I followed Brandon’s progress and recovery, I was impressed and moved as I learned more about the tremendous support CURE was providing to the Connors and the other families having to deal with fear, uncertainty, and grief I couldn’t even begin to imagine. Fortunately, my family has not been directly impacted by childhood cancer, but as we have watched our two boys grow into active, happy (for the most part…), and fabulously healthy young men, we have always known that their good health is a luxury not to be taken for granted and that so many others don’t have that luxury. I’ve continued to follow and be inspired by CURE over the years, and I wanted to play an active role in supporting the great work it does to realize its long-term mission of finding a cure for childhood cancer while delivering on its day-to-day commitment to provide crucial support to the children and their families who are fighting the disease right now. I am very honored to be part of CURE, and look forward to contributing to its continued success.”