Leigh Ann Herrin
(Mother of Child with Cancer, Advocate)

During his 20-month battle with Ewing’s sarcoma bone cancer, my son, Carter Martin, was left with one leg and a hole in his head. And though that’s tough to hear, it’s not the worst part of my story. Due to lack of treatment options after relapsing, cancer took Carter’s life on September 12, 2004, at the age of seven. The harsh reality of childhood cancer is that, some 12 years later, the treatment options for relapsed Ewing’s aren’t much better. Our children deserve better! Volunteering my time with the CURE Childhood Cancer family has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Putting in the hours of service is a true labor of love for me that has brought me to a place of peace in my grief journey that I never thought I would see. Working alongside some of the most passionate and fiercely loyal cancer advocates inspires me daily to stay ‘all in’ but it’s my fellow bereaved parents, who I am honored to serve, that keep me going. Plus, it’s the dream of a little boy-my little boy-that I am focused on. I hold on to the hope for a CURE in our lifetime so that I can honor the final wishes of my son who made me promise him I would “help find a cure for cancer so no other kids have to suffer like me.” Carter envisioned a cure. Keeping his dream alive, along with honoring all of the many young lives that we have lost to this dreaded disease is my passion.