Kevin McGee
(Speak Life, Founder)

“No one ever imagines that they, much less their 12-year-old child, will be diagnosed with cancer. Our family was stunned when we heard the news. And within 24-hours of learning this, our lives would never be the same. Knowing absolutely nothing about this new world, organizations like CURE made the journey easier. Our first introduction was when we received the CURE tote that contained a blanket, water bottle, books, and other thoughtful gifts. We felt like we weren’t alone – that someone understood where we were and how we felt. From the in-hospital meals to the free counseling, CURE has provided much-needed assistance and support. We are honored to serve and be a part of this great organization. But even more, we are hopeful that our efforts along with those of the entire CURE family will help provide resources to help find a CURE.”