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A Pandemic, the Economy, and Childhood Cancer

In June, a swollen belly drove Jackson’s parents to look for answers. While his symptoms didn’t seem dire, his pediatrician found a concerning lump and sent the family to the Emergency Room. There, an MRI proved devastating. Jackson had cancer.

“That was the worst day of my life,” said Jackson’s father, Jason. “Our world was turned upside-down that day. Everything else they said was just noise.”

On top of everything else, the economic fallout from COVID-19 has hit Jackson’s family. Jason is a Special Events Manager for a hotel, and the pandemic has precluded the hosting of events, resulting in furloughs for him and his staff. While financial needs are secondary to Jackson’s health, they are a real concern.

“The bills don’t stop because of cancer,” Jason said. “We are down one paycheck at the same time our medical bills are surging. We’re thankful that CURE has stepped in to help bridge that gap.”

Since the pandemic began, CURE has provided more than $182,000 in emergency financial assistance to families who desperately need it. Your support is crucial to help families like Jackson’s manage the financial burdens of COVID-19 while they fight childhood cancer.

Through our financial emergency support program, CURE is helping to bridge the gap for those impacted by both childhood cancer and the economy. Your gift of any amount will ensure that families like Jackson’s can focus on returning their child to health.


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