CURE’s web-based learning was designed for the family interested in learning more information on topics related to the childhood cancer experience, but who have little time in their already stretched schedules to attend an in-person workshop. From the comfort of your home, or from the convenience of your child’s hospital room, you can obtain the information you are seeking by simply clicking on a link below. These webinars were carefully crafted with you in mind and each webinar is presented by a professional who specializes in the webinar’s topic.


Understanding Your Private Health Insurance

Kris Larsen, RN of Neighborhood Nurse discusses everything from deductibles to co-pays to help you get a better understanding of your health insurance.




Advocating for your Child’s Academic Needs (Part 1)

Molly Wilson, CCLS walks parents through helping their child and their child’s classmates adjust to the return to school. Participants learn techniques for talking to children about cancer and ways to help support the child with cancer.




Advocating for your Child’s Academic Needs (Part 2)

Keely Bailey, LCSW, RPT and Ginger Armstrong focus on learning challenges and laws that protect your child academically. Participants learn about the educational challenges that may result from a cancer diagnosis or its treatment and will learn about special accommodations that can be made to set a child up for success.



Coping with PTSD & Childhood Cancer

Carleen Newsome, LPC helps participants understand PTSD: including identifying symptoms, and ways help cope with PTSD. Distressing or life-threatening moments like a child’s cancer diagnosis are traumatic experiences that can severely compromise your emotional well-being. But there are ways to cope with the damage brought on by such events.





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