Tommy H. Bridges, Jr.

Tommy H. Bridges, Jr.

(Stone’s Home Centers, President)

“I first became aware of CURE in 1981 when I was a patient at The Emory Clinic (Egleston). During the 1980s, I witnessed how CURE volunteers turned the clinic into a place of happiness instead of fear. “Miss Sydney,” a volunteer at the clinic, always had a game, arts and crafts or something for the kids to do while they were waiting for chemotherapy treatment. She was one of the most selfless people I have ever met. One would think that only bad memories come from being a cancer patient. However, I only have positive memories of the doctors, nurses, researchers, volunteers, hospital staff and the other patients who I befriended during my time at The Emory Clinic. Even today, these friends continue to be an inspiration to me.After being away from the Atlanta area for twenty years, my family and I moved to Dunwoody in 2008. Now that I have the time to give, it is time that I give back to CURE, an organization that has given so much to so many.”

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