Tiffany Moody

Tiffany Moody

(Mother of Cancer Survivor, Advocate)

“I first became aware of CURE in 2012 when our 10-year old daughter, Bailey, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. We had been unwillingly thrown into a terrifying world about which we new nothing. CURE was one of the first organizations we discovered, as they were there almost immediately with a goody bag and information, meeting our practical needs at a time when we were still reeling in shock. During Bailey’s year in treatment, I discovered that CURE’s dedication to cancer kids and families was far more extensive than just meeting basic needs. I learned that CURE was committed not only to patient and family care, but also to research and development. Because of what I now know about the devastating world of childhood cancer, I am devoted to fighting for the children who cannot fight for themselves. CURE is not only battling this beast with fundraising that leads to research, but they are also loving and serving kids and families during the most difficult time of their lives. The organization is all-encompassing and I feel both honored and humbled to serve with CURE.”

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