Purchase a Tribute Sign

Purchase a Tribute Sign

At Lauren’s Run, tribute signs are a special way to honor and remember someone whose life has been affected by cancer. The tribute signs will serve as decorative inspiration along the race course. They are yours to keep after the event, or you may leave them with CURE to use at future races. The deadline for ordering tribute signs is Monday April 10th!

Cost: $25

Size: 18” X 24”

To order:

1. Click here: Donate

2. Under “Donation Amount” enter $25

3. In the comments section, please indicate “Tribute Sign”

4. After you submit your payment, please submit your tribute sign photo and/or message to Karen McCarthy at karen@curechildhoodcancer.org. Please submit the largest-sized photo possible and limit the message to 10 words or less. Photo files must be .jpg or .tif file-types. Scanned 4×6 pictures must be 300 dpi. Scanned 8×10 pictures must be 200 dpi. 


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