Fundraising Tips for Lauren’s Run

Fundraising Tips for Lauren’s Run

Teams are the heart and soul of Lauren’s Run. With creative t-shirts, infectious spirits and unending passion, teams also lead fundraising, bringing much needed dollars to researchers working daily on cures.

With less than a month until Lauren’s Run, we encourage our teams to continue your fundraising efforts.  Please consider making a final push to your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues – every dollar makes a difference!


  1. Send an email to your coworkers, friends and family, asking them to support your fundraising efforts.
  1. Post a link to your personal fundraising page on Facebook and ask your friends to make a donation to your fundraising efforts.
  1. Have your work sponsor a “Dress Down Day.” Participants pay to dress business casual and profits go toward your fundraising efforts.
  1. School classes can compete against each other in Change Wars. Classes donate change toward your fundraising efforts. Whichever class donates the most wins.
  1. Hold a bake sale at work or school to support your fundraising efforts. 
  1. Pay for non-uniform days at school. Money raised will be donated toward your fundraising efforts.


Here are sample emails and Facebook posts:


Friends, As you may know, childhood cancer is a subject very important to me. With less than 4% of federal cancer research funding dedicated to childhood cancers, that means children rely on people like you and me to raise the funds needed to save their lives. On Sunday, April 23rd I’m participating in Lauren’s Run, which is raising money for the non-profit CURE Childhood Cancer. 100% of the money I raise will be dedicated to helping CURE fund pediatric cancer research aimed at finding cures for the 20% of children who lose their fight as well as provide critical and urgent assistance to families who are in the middle of their fight with childhood cancer. Please consider making a donation to my fundraising efforts. My goal is to raise (ENTER DOLLAR AMOUNT). With your help, I can get there. Every little donation brings me one step closer to reaching my goal! Click here to donate: (ENTER YOUR FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK). Thank you for your support!


Did you know less than 4% of federal cancer research is dedicated to childhood cancers? That means kids are counting on US to raise the money needed to save their lives. I’m participating in Lauren’s Run on April 23rd and would appreciate your support of my fundraising efforts. (INSERT LINK TO YOUR FUNDRAISING PAGE)

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