Eight Young Men Set Out to Do Something Special

Eight Young Men Set Out to Do Something Special

What did you do in the summer of your seventeenth year? Perhaps you went to the beach or had a summer job. Maybe you went on a family vacation or slept past noon every day and relished the opportunity to do nothing. Most of us didn’t take on an enormous physical challenge solely to do something good for others.

There are eight young men from Forsyth County, Georgia who are doing just that.

They have decided to kayak the Chattahoochee River, leaving from their home city and travelling 500 miles – all the way to its outlet into the Gulf of Mexico. At seventeen-years-old, one might assume they are doing it for recognition or thrills, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. They are doing it to raise money for CURE Childhood Cancer and to let people know that cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children – a fact that they hope to change.

They have assembled friends from surrounding schools who are working together to bring focus on the problem of childhood cancer and its lack of funding. Several of them have had some experience through classmates who have fought against childhood cancer and know firsthand how difficult the battle is. They have set a lofty goal of raising $100,000 for children who are suffering and have adopted the slogan, “Paddle for the Battle.”

The expedition will be self-contained and will take approximately ten days to complete. Their goal is to travel between 30 and 50 miles per day- subject to weather and river conditions. The young men will also be making history as they paddle because they will be the youngest to ever complete this journey.

“A trip like this will take a great deal of mental toughness,” said Shane Doyle, who is one of the founders. “We fully acknowledge the challenges we will face. However, no obstacle we come across can compare with the type of impact cancer can have on a child and their family.”

CURE is incredibly proud of these young men. At a time when the news is filled with boys their age causing trouble, they are trying to do good.


You are going to want to follow this journey and cheer them on. You can see the entire team, their volunteers, and their route at their website: www.kayak4kids17.com.


During the journey, they will be sharing their experiences on Twitter and Facebook so you can keep updated.

Facebook – Kayak4Kids Twitter – @KayakForTheKids


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