Conviction and action are childhood cancer's worst nightmare.

CURE Childhood Cancer is honored to be supported by a large grassroots following of committed volunteers and advocates. Known as Believers, these committed individuals help drive our initiatives forward every day.

Continuing to bring the heat.

"When we saw how little was being done on the federal level and how devastating childhood cancer is, my wife Chris and I decided we had to help. Our support for CURE is 24/7, and we love every minute it."

Tom Glavine
Hall of Fame Atlanta Braves pitcher

You might be a hero.

Even our funniest Believer can get serious when it comes to defeating childhood cancer. Just listen to Jeff Foxworthy and see why CURE is so grateful for his involvement.

Literally at the children's side.

"You bet I'm a Believer. I have spent time with children receiving treatment for pediatric cancer and seen all the inspiration I need on their faces. Just like I can see the passion on the faces of everyone at CURE."

John Deushane
President & General Manager, WXIA-TV
CURE Advisory Council Member

Spare time proved to be the most valuable of all.

"Getting involved with CURE was the easiest and most rewarding decision I ever made."

CURE volunteer,

The words enthusiasm and mission
spread far and wide.

With a cure at her side, life
Join us at @southernbakedpie in Buckhead tonight for a Pie Party Benefiting CURE! Delicious pies AND giving back to CURE Childhood Cancer.. We
Today, we are celebrating Jamil! After two years, he is finished with chemotherapy treatments for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia! Congratulations, Jamil!
"It is an incredibly difficult transition from the cocoon of cancer treatment back into “normal” life. There is no normal after childhood cancer, but that is what our daughter yearned for so desperately. Don’t get me wrong, MT knows she has been given the merciful blessing of survival, but it doesn’t come without its own set of challenges... There is joy to be had after cancer and counseling helped us find it." A childhood cancer survivor may have physical scars from surgeries and treatments. But he or she may also have emotional scars, such as PTSD, anxiety, guilt, depression and fear. Learn how CURE
Help us celebrate this milestone for Eli Clark! He has a rare and extremely aggressive brain cancer and he will continue 6 months of chemotherapy, but he finished his 30th and final radiation treatment in March 2017!
From May 18 to June 4, Flipside Pillow will give a pillowcase to CURE’s Child and Family Services for every pillowcase sold on the website, www.flipsidepillow.com. In addition, $3 from each sale will be donated to CURE for childhood cancer research.  Check out their great products and join us. #pillow #pillowcase #curechildhoodcancer
This incredible moment encapsulates the spirit of CURE
Join us at Southern Baked Pie Company in Buckhead on May 24th for a Pie Party Benefiting CURE. Come enjoy all of their delicious pies and give back to CURE in the process.
Open Arms was sponsored and served by Focus Brands – offering a unique “Taste of Focus Brands.” If you don
Imagine you are running the longest, hardest race of your life. You have suffered through a great deal of pain and many setbacks along the way, but come to a point where the end of the race is near. Just as you round the last corner and see it in sight, the finish line disappears like a vapor in the wind and you must trudge on. You find yourself wearier than you ever thought possible and doubt your ability to finish, but there is no choice; you have to keep going. This type of cruelty is common with childhood cancer and happened to Olivia. “We were so scared, yet again, that now she might have a third cancer and even more scared that the new marrow she was building was going to be destroyed by yet another chemo,” said Matt, Olivia
Moms, we are in awe of your love, devotion, and strength. To celebrate the mothers who have fought cancer at their child’s bedside, we asked Lenna to voice what so many children would like to express. Listen to her heartfelt message to her mother: “When I first got diagnosed, I was a mess… and my mom was just there. She was my shoulder to cry on. She was an ear. She was there emotionally, physically and mentally… If it wasn’t for you, I would not be here.”
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Happy Mother’s Day from CURE.
#mothersday #mom #curechildhoodcancer
"Mother’s Day is bittersweet for me. After a mother loses a child, Mother’s Day is never the same. A way to cope is not to dwell on my losses to avoid sadness; instead I remind myself of the many blessings with my family and friends.
We are grateful for the time we had with Sam. He touched so many people we are touched when people share their memories of Sam." Thank you, Annamarie for sharing this touching message for Mother
"Some days I have to remind myself that I am still a mom. Losing him 5 years ago was the worst day of my life and nothing will ever compare. Having that ripped from my hands so quickly. But I am still a mom. I am still HIS mom. No, you won
Although there was a lot uncertainty with the weather leading to Lauren
"There can still be joy, albeit bittersweet…. Memories of our kiddos can still bring us joy in the midst of our longing to see and hold and touch them.
So on this Mother’s Day, we celebrate the love that moms have for their babies and that all of our sweet kiddos have for their moms. We celebrate the joy our children bring. Healthy, fighting, here, or gone…. we give thanks for the love and the joy that’s there. Happy Mother’s Day from Catie’s Fund and CURE." A sweet message from Catie
We see the sacrifice and dedication of nurses every day. This is National Nurse Week and CURE wants to say a special thank you to all of the nurses who care for children with cancer. You are incredible!
"Although reminiscing reminds me of what I’ve been through, my heart will only continue to heal as I move forward and live in the now enveloped by both commemorative and present love. So for this Mother’s Day, I’d like to draw my attention to the very person who shaped me as the mother I am today. She is my rock; she is my pillar of strength; she is Catherine Matthews, my mother. She sacrifices her days, nights, weekends, finances, and even her own wellbeing for my own. She spent many sleepless nights before and after work to travel every single day to the hospital to visit Bo and me and to make sure our needs were met."
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"Parenting is by far the hardest job that I have ever had, but the rewards make every intense moment worth it. And although childhood cancer took Alexa from our family, we have two beautiful girls who look at pictures and talk about their sister every day. The blessings I have received as a mom are amazing! On this Mother
CURE is very grateful for this special opportunity generously provided by @ferrarimaseratiofatlanta for families who have a child diagnosed with cancer! Please click for details and join us!


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